Are My Emotions My Alter Ego? What do Donald Trump, newborn baby boy and vacation have in common? They’re all in this podcast!

What happens to the emotions we have that make us angry, that make us stressed, that make us have anxiety, that make us sad?

Barbara Daltrich says the subconscious mind can create alter egos in order to cope with the word and stressful parts of life.


So if our subconscious mind can create alter egos to cope, doesn’t that bring out emotions that trigger us?


Let’s put this to the test. What emotion do you feel instantly when I say “Donald Trump?”

Automatically your subconscious mind is already thinking - you have an emotion or an experience attached to that word.


There are a lot of people who are introverts, who turn on a persona when they go out - they’re not being fake, but they kind of “turn on” something else, in order to cope with that situation, because it’s a lot for them. That would be considered an alter ego.


Our alter egos are always “on call” to come out to help us when we’re struggling with an emotion. It’s not a bad thing.


Dear God, are my emotions my alter egos? Sometimes I think they can be! I don’t know that I want an answer, but I want to think about this further!


Until next time, namaste, every day.


What do you think? Let’s keep the conversation going about this. I welcome you to come on the show if you want to talk about this!

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