Dear Clutter, Get out of my life now!

Clutter, Tidying, Organization I mean this must be the latest fad this year and we’re only in January. We see it all in the trends on Netflix latest series, Pinterest on steroids with links and links of DIY and not to mention namaste marketing dripping through our social feed giving us anxiety.

Mind chatter goes like this: “Oh I should try that, yes tomorrow I am waking up at 5am, Wow that looks soooo easy, Wow JLO looks amazing and she’s how old? I need to get it together!”

The next day: progress and super in it

The next day after: so, called progress

The next week after: fail

I don’t know about you but to me its just another “to do” on the long list of Dios Mio! (OMG) What does it all really mean? Dear Clutter, please make sense to me. So, after an intense sensory overload of guilt or obsession for clearing clutter in my life I magnified and heightened my curiosity of the big fat; WHY?

Why do we secretly clutter our minds and lives with stuff or thoughts and think it can vanish as quick as an As Seen On Tv infomercial. It all starts with those quiet moments sporadically during the day driving to work, on the bus or train and those thoughts are running through your mind like Usain Bolt on the finish line of the Olympics. Our brains thrive on clutter so what better way to get cleaning it out by answering; WHY.

Clearing clutter in your life isn’t a one size fits all, what works for you may not work for me and you have to understand that it could be the major reason why you can’t keep clutter away. Remember those 2010 fad diet commercials. In my DJ Khaled voice “the fat always comes back or as he would normally say “Stay focused and secure your bag, because they want you to fail and they don’t want us to win.” In this context secure your road, stay in your own lane and deep dive what will work for you because that one size fits all tactics on our screens will only set you back from clearing the real clutter in your life.

Mind Clutter: Yoga and meditation is not for everyone so stop feeling guilty if you’re not doing it and your anxiety levels rise because every tabloid and headliner makes you feel that your success will be hindered from your lifes tally of namaste. I can name a hundred things that can quiet the mind with the same affects or better yet; like to listen to music, read or be in complete silence staring at the sky, who says this can’t be meditative? Find what works for you and forget about trying to add something new to clear your clutter when it will only add to it.

Living Clutter: Neat freaks and Messy peeps can debate all day on what is best but can’t pick a side? It’s okay create your own “organization” don’t feel compelled to fold your knickers with the Marie Kondo method (no offense Marie, you do you girllllll) and then next week when your beau does laundry, you’re like “Fugetaboutit” this tri-fold cookie cutter fold isn’t working for me. Take everything with a grain of salt add some pepper and spice up it with your personal flavor.

In life we will experience an overkill of anything and everything but before you engulf your current clutter with new age, what’s new, what’s hot kind of now.

Never stop asking Dear, Self Why will this way really work for me?