Are You an Imposter? Am I? Special guest Ashley Adair discusses being an intro-vert and overcoming introvert syndrome.

On this week’s podcast, we have a special guest, Ashley Adair, founder of Blue Shoe Leadership. I was surprised to discover that despite her bubbling personality and confidence in sharing her knowledge, Ashley is an introvert!

Ashley started her first business in fifth grade - a pre-teen fashion magazine bound with yarn which she sold to her classmates, and this childhood experience gave her the courage and confidence to be a boss. She later walked away from a successful career in corporate America and a six-figure salary to start her own leadership and career coaching business.


Can you believe the impact this youthful memory has had on Ashley’s life?!

Ashley offers us some great life advice, from looking for role models who are living the life that you want to live, and taking the really big life changes one small step at a time rather than focusing on the big picture, which can be overwhelming.


Ashley tells us about her experiences with imposter syndrome, which I’ve experienced, and you probably have, too.


“Imposter syndrome is that feeling that someone’s going to find out that you’re a fraud,” Ashley said. “They’re going to find out you don’t know what you’re doing, that you don’t belong here.”


It’s a real feeling and a real emotion. And it’s really always just in your head!

Ashley’s advice? Trust your gut, but don’t just listen to what’s being said inside your head. Our internal monologue is not always the most accurate.


There’s nothing wrong with you if you experience imposter syndrome, almost everyone goes through it at some point in their lives. It’s just a phase, and you’ll get through it by recognizing it.


“We’re mean to ourselves in our heads,” Ashley said. Get feedback from friends and family, from your tribe.

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