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1. Real People, Real Conversations


How many times in your life have you found yourself wondering where you are going in life? What are you supposed to do when you get there? How are you going to get there?

"Dear God are we there yet?" That was my question. I realized the answer to our personal questions can most often be found by looking within when we find that we have complete access to this part of us.

You then awaken and start driving your spiritual vehicle. We question if we are self-guided Gods or being guided by a God?

In this book, this movement, I use a car and road trip as a metaphor. When we are able to see and feel our purpose and our truth we can start maneuvering that God particle that will guide us like a built-in inner GPS. Just as you were guided here

“when you stop questioning matters in the world that need change, you became part of the problem.”

— Alicia Sanchez


2. Be Wired to Win


Have you thought about what should you do AFTER setting your intentions so you can accelerate the manifesting process and attract your desires FASTER?

What if you want to manifest more money, a soul mate relationship, a dream job, or any one of the many intentions on your list? It all starts with the patterns of your mindset. Be Wired to Win

Download this free audio training to learn three simple strategies that’ll give you the clarity and confidence to help build your dreams for the road to success.

As I embark in a new journey to grow this community I challenge you to be wired to win at anything in your life that has such a deep connection to your soul, being and overall your purpose.

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3. The writings on my wall are my footsteps


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