Let’s talk like it’s 1995!

Let’s get social IN REAL LIFE!  Taking the conversation from behind the screens and microphones and talk like it’s 1995

I am looking to host a FREE meetup for about 10 people. I am learning every day as I work hard to finalize my foundation but ultimately the vision behind the Dear God, Are we there yet? movement. I want to initiate the conversations IN REAL LIFE with the many of you woman and men, I know, follow, and admire. No matter the color of your skin, the language you speak and the labels given to you all along the way.

There will be a few guided conversation starters but the point is to facilitate a sense of community and deeper connection where we share our stories, struggles, accomplishments, questions we need the world to start asking or the conversations that matter to you.

Even if you're a bit shy /unsure, it’ll be a fun way to meet like-minded people and chat- with snacks and drinks! No strings attached

P.S This is a judgment free zone so come as you and no snapchat filters needed