women matter

Empower and transform the lives of young women and their children 


Holy Ground…it all started in 2008 when the nowretired pastor of St. Ann’s Catholic Church, Fr. Seamus Murtagh, was moved to act again on behalf of the ever-growing number of homeless he met while on his morning walks.

St. Ann, located in the heart of West Palm Beach, was already serving the homeless community in many ways – providing food, clothing, a facility for showers and doing laundry, as well as, assisting with transportation and attending to medical needs.

After much discernment, Holy Ground chose to focus its efforts on pregnant teens and their babies as they were among the most under-served homeless population in our area.  The limited beds available in Palm Beach County that serve homeless, pregnant and parenting teens consistently have long waiting lists, resulting in many of these young women having to be placed in other parts of the state or even out of state…and in some cases, sadly, no shelter or services at all.